Part of a Secular Global Movement

Sunday Assembly Portland is a chapter of the international Sunday Assembly movement.  We provide a non-religious forum for those seeking a stronger sense of belonging, positivity, and compassion in their lives.  We meet on the 2nd Sunday of each month to sing uplifting songs, listen to thought-provoking presentations from local experts, and generally celebrate the wonder of life! 

Our motto:  Live Better. Help Often. Wonder More. 

  • Live Better. We aim to provide inspiring, thought-provoking and practical ideas that help people to live the lives they want to lead and be the people they want to be.
  • Help Often. We aspire to be a community of action and encourage each other to build purposeful lives.  We offer support to anyone in our community who needs it and engage in service projects believing that in helping others our own lives are enriched.
  • Wonder More. We embrace a spirit of curiosity, open-mindedness and understanding as we marvel at the one life we know we have!  Singing songs, listening to talks and readings, and even playing games encourages our connectivity as we move along this amazing journey. 

Just by being with us you should be energized, vitalized, restored, repaired, refreshed, and recharged. No matter what the subject of the Assembly, it will solace worries, provoke kindness and inject a touch of transcendence into the everyday.

But life can be tough… It is. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, we have moments of weakness, or life just isn’t fair. We want the Sunday Assembly to be a place of compassion, where, no matter what your situation, you are welcomed, accepted, and loved.

Most of all, have fun, be nice and join in.