Community Groups

What’s your fancy? Do you want to create beats, pickle beets, philosophize, knit, watch documentaries, walk dogs, run, start up a day-care co-operative, meditate, assemble puppet shows, create a support group for addiction recovery, practice comedy, study our social structures….? So long as you want to share your interest within a supportive environment, there’s a Community Group for you.

What? There’s not a group that intrigues you? Well, start your own!
Your interests matter. It’s likely that there are other people out there who are wanting the same thing you are but haven’t made the move to start their own group. Why not you?  There is a team of folks who can help you get started.

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Enjoying each others' company while enjoying food, spirits and games of chance and strategy.

We are always looking for hosts for this group but it is one of our most popular groups so please look for the next event in our Social Calendar linked above.



Join us to plant your own seeds and share some food.

Hosted by Dr. Mindy Curry



This group is to get us revved up and ready for Sunday Assembly. The goal is to laugh and have fun by participating in group improv-games fit for all ages and abilities. It's all about sharing a good laugh – so if you like to watch people playing the games but are shy about playing them yourself please come, laughter is contagious and we want to spread it around.


Hosted by Katina Andionais

Before the Assembly 10:30-10:50am




Meet others who enjoy a variety of books ­ fiction, non­fiction, biographies, science, etc. This group is great for those with eclectic tastes in reading and those who are interested in lively discussion of what’s been read.

Hosted by Chanel Carlascio



Walks in the park enhance both physical and mental health. Come join us for 3-4 mile hikes in different locations around the city or on trails.

Hosted by Dr. Mindy Curry



Get your boogie for a new dancing experience each month!

Hosted by Lysse Waring


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