Our guest speakers infuse assemblies with learning and wonder. If you’re interested in giving a talk, check out these guidelines, and sign up below:

  • Is 15-20 minutes on a topic in which you’re an expert
  • Teaches the assembly something new in an engaging way
  • Is inspiring, practical, scientific, artistic, or otherwise informative
  • Should be positive or neutral and family-friendly
  • Cannot promote a product, business or political candidate
  • Should not be about atheism or religion
  • Visual aids, like a slide show, are encouraged (submit at least 1 week before assembly)
  • Please be prepared to submit an outline, transcript or video before acceptance

The TED talk guidelines are an excellent reference for this (note: unlike TED, Sunday Assembly talks are strictly no more than 20 minutes)

The TED talk guidelines on maintaining scientific credibility are also perfectly applicable to Sunday Assembly Portland: http://www.ted.com/pages/tedx_curating_speakers

Sign Up!

    Remember that we only have Assemblies on the 2nd Sunday of each month.

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