Welcome to Sunday Assembly Portland. We are a secular community of humanists that provides regular meetings for people to make friends and live the humanist values of "Live Better, Help Often and Wonder More".

Below you will find a list of our events, one of which we host every 2nd Sunday of each month; This is our main Assembly where you'll experience an event similar to a congregation service but with pop songs instead of hymns and a science-based presentation to help us practice those humanist values. There's also time set aside to get to know each other better and share a meal.

Host your own event
Host a BBQ, a field trip for kiddos & parents, or a clothing swap. Whatever you enjoy doing, chances are others would like to join you. To submit an event, please post it in our Social group on Facebook or contact us here.

Note: Member-sponsored events need not appeal to every member of our community, but they should be fair, honest, and generally in keeping with secular humanist values.

No events yet.

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