Healthy Walk & Talk at Mary S. Young State Park

Let’s take a Happy and Healthy Walk and talk in the beautiful Mary. S. Young park in nearby West Linn.  This 128 acre State Park features dog parks, lush forest trails, cascading streams, picturesque small bridges, views and access to the Willamette River, and even seasonal island access via floating bridge.  The property was given to the state for park purposes by Thomas E. Young and his wife, Mary S. Young, in various increments between 1963 and 1970.  This walk will be about 3 miles long and will weave through the park on mostly dirt trails.  Expect several steep hills including both switchbacks and stairs, so wear stabilizing active footwear such as sneakers, hiking boots or Tevas.  Bring water or snacks as needed.  Friendly dogs are welcome on leash unless in the dog park (although locals do tend to go leash-less).  If you like bring info on a new diet fad or health tip to share and evaluate.  This hike has many medicinal plants to potentially identify.

Meet at 1 PM at the first parking lot on the left, right next to the dog park.  (Not the parking lot at the end-if you see picnic tables and shelters, you’ve gone too far.)  If you want to carpool, then leave a comment on the meet-up page and we’ll try to find someone going your way.  The walk will take an hour to an hour and a half, but allow the two hour window due to any view breaks or general group lag. Drizzle is part of everyday life, but storms cancel event.  This should be fun!  Let’s take a walk! 

Contact organizer Dr. Mindy Curry at 503-995-8674 with any questions.

Mary S. Young State Park / 19900 Willamette Dr., West Linn, OR

May 31, 2015 at 1pm - 3pm
19900 Willamette Dr., West Linn, OR
Dr. Mindy Curry · · 503-995-8674
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