Sunday Assembly International Day of Action 2016

Help Often

The international body of Sunday Assembly has declared April 17th a Day of Action. This a day for Assemblies all around the world to "Help Often" and make an impact for good in our local communities.Here in Portland, where the mayor has declared a housing crisis, where over 4,000 men, women, and children (over 250 kids under the age of 18) find themselves sleeping outside on any given night, and where increasing unavailability of low-income housing and decreasing mental health services is causing a real disaster for real people, we are going to focus our efforts on providing a positive effect on our homeless brothers and sisters.

In April, there won’t be any holidays that would typically encourage some people to get out and give to those less fortunate. While the weather will be better, April will still be rainy with cold nights.  A meal, some supplies, and most importantly some humanity will be very welcomed.

To this end, Our goal is to cook enough food to distribute hot meals to at least 120 people in the most needed homeless camps in the Portland metro area.  Along with delivering food directly to the homeless, we will focus our attention on gathering and distributing items that are highly needed but rarely donated.  In between now and April 17th, our goal is to gather enough supplies to make a temporary but meaningful impact.

Items to Donate:    

•    Shampoo
•    Soap
•    Maxi-Pads
•    Tampons
•    Toothbrushes
•    Toothpaste
•    Dental Floss
•    Packages of Baby or Disinfectant Wipes
•    Band-aids
•    Neosporin
•    Nail Clippers
•    Over-the-Counter Diarrhea Relief Medicine
•    Over-the-Counter Nausea Relief Medicine

Drop off donated items at the Sunday Assembly March 13th and April 10th.

Want to Help?

We are recruiting folks to Donate, Cook, and Distribute Meals/Supplies. For more info and to get involved please contact Rob Joseph at / (503) 887-1068

April 17, 2016 at 12pm - 3pm
Meeting Location TBA
Rob Joseph · · (503) 887-1068
Robert Joseph Carlin Scott Heather Andrews Charmayne Stone Robin Nash Kim Dalebroux Mindy Curry William Nash Dc Bonavoglia Radiah Gaines Taylor Hatcher Ann Moses Trish Smith Heidi Moore Amber Jacobsen Abigail Beebee Korin Scott Sudevi Mosse

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